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  • Part-time, term‐time work for current students;
  • Vacation work for current students and graduates (e.g. summer camps and other career enhancing opportunities in the UK or abroad).
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We can help you recruit enthusiastic and talented undergraduate students to work in your organisation during Easter or summer university vacation periods. Liverpool Interns gives you access to new skills and fresh ideas, and is an ideal solution to address a specific, short-term business need or project.

Businesses across the North West with immediate start graduate vacancies are also offered the support of the Careers & Employability Service in managing your opportunity. This is a free service and the support includes help with sourcing candidates and the selection process. Visit Graduate to Merseyside for further information.

The Careers & Employability Service accepts job vacancy adverts from employers and other organisations in good faith. Employers submitting job vacancies are required to take responsibility to advertise details in accordance with employment legislation. We reserve the right to refuse publication of vacancies that do not comply.  Read our Vacancy Handling Policy for more details.