Terms & conditions of booking

1.Submitting this booking form does not guarantee acceptance to hold a campus recruitment event at The University of Liverpool. Applicants will be notified within two working days of booking form receipt of acceptance status. The Careers & Employability Service will reserve facilities on acceptance.

2.We will inform you if any students signed up for the event have requested any special requirements to enable them to attend and/or participate fully and what the requirement is e.g. materials in alternative formats. We are happy to discuss this with you in advance.

3.Cancellations must be made by email to eeevents@liverpool.ac.uk. Cancellation is deemed to take effect on receipt of the cancellation email.

4.The Careers & Employability Service will endeavour to adhere to the allocated rooms, but reserve the right to alter the rooms at short notice. This will not relieve the employer from their obligations as to payment of appropriate fees.

5.Employers will be liable for all and any damage caused to any room, facilities, catering equipment, furniture or other equipment caused by acts or omissions of their candidates, staff or visitors.

6.Employers must obtain the agreement of the Careers & Employability Service to using outside suppliers of equipment, entertainment or other services.

7.All employers and visitors to the Careers & Employability Service are required to comply with all health, safety, fire and general instructions issued. Employers are asked to note that the University of Liverpool operates a non-smoking policy with which all visitors are required to comply.

8.Vehicles and their contents are left on the University premises at the owner's risk. We are unable to provide visitors with reserved car parking. Delegates will be directed to park in one of the visitor car parks on campus. There is a small charge for using a visitor car park, payable upon departure.

9.The University of Liverpool will accept no responsibility or liability for the loss or damage to personal effects belonging to employers or their visitors

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